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  • AU62 HHO dry Cell

    Technical Specifications:

    Length: 11" / 12.5" Including fittings

    Height: 6" / 7" W/Terminals

    Width: 3.5"

    Surface Area: 1550" Sq

    Hose Fittings: 3/8" NPT - 3/8" Barbed for 1/2" Hose (Can be swapped out in seconds for your own needs)

    Optimal Performance: 12-14 Volt, 50-95 Amp operating range

    MMW: 6 to 7 MMW avg

    Arrangement 12-14 volt per series, 6 series, 1.8-2.2 volts across each plate. at Negative connection, 2 plates on either side tabbed so the user can adjust the if they want to.

    End Plates High Tensile/High Heat CPVC 1/2" - Many times the strength of cheap acrylic and chemically resistant

    Ship Weight 11 LBS

    Efficiency Less current loss while better utilizing current balance through the cell due to configuration. This allows for more production for each amperage consumed by the dry cell. Average efficiency is apx 20%-25% more then run of the mill cells.

    Some uses for an DC power source HHO Dry Cell

    • Jewelry Torch
    • Shop Torch
    • Cooking Grills
    • Glass Torches
    • Furnaces
    • Portable Gas Heaters

      Price: $210.00

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    The AU62  HHO Dry Cell for 12-14V DC current power, ready to connect to your hardware and plumbing.

    **This is not the AC Series AU62 Version

    This Dry Cell is can to produce 3 to 7 LPM of HHO depending on user variables of KOH mixture, setup, and amps/wattage of the setup.

    Some uses for an HHO Dry Cell configured for 12-14V DC.

    - Torch

    - Fuel source for a grill

    - Fuel source for a stove

    - Fuel source for a furnace / home heating

    You can use this kind of cell for any other combustible fuel source using 12-14V DC power connection.

    ***Free Shipping Within the United States***
    AC-AU62 Production / DC is Similar

    **Note, Basic Setup for Display Purposes

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