• GA16 HHO Dry Cell

    Technical Specifications:
    Length: 3" (4.5" Including Fittings)
    Width: 4.5"
    Height: 8" (including power connections) / 7.25" w/out
    Power Requirements: 12 Volt DC, 18-36 amps nominal, up to 54 amps for short bursts.
    Plates: 16
    Gaskets: 17
    Cell Surface Area: 288"
    Performance: 2-2.5 @ 36 amps / 3 LPM at 50 amps
    Configuration: -NNNN+NNNN-NNNN+ (2 Full Series of Negative & 2 Positive)
    Fittings/Plumbing: 2 X 3/8" NPT Barbed Elbows for 1/2" Hose (Fittings can be changed as per your own requirements)

    12 volts, 36 amps and tuned for maximum production, an experienced HHO user can expect up to 6.9-7.5 MMW.
    12 volts, 36 amps for a novice user just learning HHO, but using an approximate 20% KOH mixture and PWM, the user can expect around 5.75-6.5 MMW

      Price: $84.00

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    This cell is an 16 plate HHO Dry Cell from our GA series cells using 3" X 6" plates for optimal performance, with a 4 neutral configuration 12 Volt DC. 2 Negative plates, 2 positive plates. In hydrogen production, negative current produces hydrogen, positive current produces oxygen. In a standard series for HHO, 66% hydrogen and 33.3% oxygen is produces. Since this cell uses 2 negative and 2 positive, the Hydrogen production is roughly doubled vs. Oxygen production is roughly cut in half, thus for the size of the cell much more hydrogen is produced then oxygen.
    Most of the cells we manufacturer are configured to precisely 12 volts, not 13.8 which is the standard for automotive applications. .

    Never use a 4N configured cell for automotive use. 4N is specific for 12 volt applications, not automotive 13.8 volts. The reason for this is the production range for HHO is 2.0-2.2 volts across a series of plates. A single decimal point of just .1 volt will begin to produce steam quickly and it's crucial to not overheat cells, ie if you ever watch videos and you see vapor coming out of the hose, that is steam, not HHO. If a 4N configured cell (-NNNN+ / +NNNN-) is operated at 13.8 volts, that is 2.3 volts across the series, and that is not ideal.

    4N configured cells, for 12 volt precisely is -NNNN+
    5N configured cells, for 13.8 volt (automotive use) is -NNNNN+ (We manufacture this identical cell in 5N as well, See Our Other Listings)
    This 16 plate cell is intended as a starter cell for someone on a budget and wants to give HHO a try, or needs a slim-line style cell do to lack of space, or even for usage as a jewelers torch.

    The end plates are constructed of high tensile strength cpvc, not acrylic or abs. These end plates will not crack like the clear acrylic will or disintegrate like ABS from the chemical reaction process. They can withstand the pressure, will not disintegrate, can be torqued down without breaking. The end plates are also able to withstand any harsh condition from -50 Fahrenheit to 200+ Fahrenheit. Using this material costs more, but it is well worth it, considering that using a dry cell with acrylic end plates will last a few months, these will last for years.

    The gaskets are perfectly spaced for maximum efficiency. If gaskets are too narrow (below 1/8"), dry cells will produce too much heat, but if they are too thick then a huge loss of production will occur. Finding that point of balance to ensure long term efficiency and minimal heat generation is critical. All our cells are engineered to meet those specifications time and time again, without fail.

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