• GA62 HHO Automotive Fuel Cell

    Technical Specifications:
    Length: 12" (fittings included)
    Width: 4.5"
    Height: 8"
    Power Requirements: 12v-14v / 50-100 Amp

    *Can operate with single PWM, or dual PWM's.

    Plates: 62
    Gaskets: 64
    Fittings/Plumbing: 4 X 3/8" NPT Elbows

    * Can use 1/2" Barbed fittings if needed by the user. 3/8" NPT X 1/2" Barbed

      Price: $295.00

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    The GA62 Cell is our automotive cell, incorporating maximum efficiency, for the power requirements under operating conditions. This cell packs a punch, incorporating 62 plates for increased performance with less energy. The compact, size makes this cell ideal for any automotive requirement from small compact cars to heavy duty pickups.

    There are 6 Cell blocks in the GA62, which each cell block is capable of of operating between 5 amps @ 12-14v through 25-30 amp @ 12-14v. Production range for the GA62 is is 5 LPM to 6-12+ LPM.

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