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  • AU43 HHO Compact Automotive Fuel Cell

    Technical Specifications:
    Length: 10.5" (fittings included)
    Width: 3.5"
    Height: 5.75" (Includes Top Shield)
    Power Requirements: 12v-14v / 20-100 Amp

    End Plates: PVC Grey
    Plates: 43
    Gaskets: 44
    Fittings/Plumbing: 2 X 1/4"" NPT Elbows

    Alternative Fittings: Big 1/2" Barbed


    *Can be switched to both 1/4" Barbed or 1/2" barbed elbows, depending on your own needs.

      Price: $150.00

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    The AU43 Cell is our automotive cell for motorcycles and automobiles with tight engine compartments such as compacts. The cell incorporates maximum efficiency, for the power requirements under operating conditions. This cell packs a punch for its size, incorporating 43 plates for increased performance with less energy. The compact size makes this cell ideal for any automotive requirement for those newer vehicles that lack in space.

    There are 4 Cell blocks in the AU43, which each cell block is capable of of operating between 5 amps @ 12-14v through 25 amps @ 12-14v. Production range for the AU43 is is 3 LPM to 6 LPM under normal operating conditions. The AU43 can produce more than 6 LPM for short durations.

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