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  • MC43 Mini HHO dry Cell

    Technical Specifications:
    Length: 9" (Including Fitting)
    Width: 3"
    Height: 4"
    Power Requirements: 12v-14v / 10 to 50 amps.

    End Plates: PVC - Grey
    Plates: 43
    Gaskets: 44
    Fittings/Plumbing: 2 X 3/8" NPT Elbows

     Price: $101.00

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    The MC43 HHO Mini Fuel Cell is based upon our MC19 HHO Mini Fuel, but instead of 4 series of Positive/Negative Electrodes, this unit has 4 series, which produces .5 LPM to 3.5 LPM continuously without overheating.

     The overall dimensions of the cell is 9" Length (Including fittings) X 4" Height X 3" Width.

    The MC43 Mini Fuel Cell comes pre assembled and the internal hardware has been cleansed.

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