• TT Series HHO  Dry Cells - enterprise / Industrial / transportation industry

    TT124 HHO Dry Cell

    TT124 Truck Box

    TT124 Fairing for Tractor Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Tractors, etc

     Some Example Uses of the TT Series

    • Tractor Trailers / Big Rigs
    • RV's
    • Buses
    • Excavators
    • Scrapers
    • Dozers
    • Dump Trucks
    • Concrete Trucks
    • Large Scale Power Generators
    • Large Scale Pumping Systems
    • Mining Operations
    • Drilling Operations
    • 40'-150' Maritime Vessels
    • Large scale manufacturing that requires cutting large volume of steel on a regular basis, including but not limited to steel slab greater than 18" thick

    TT Series HHO Dry Cells

    The TT series HHO Dry Cells, are developed for larger application for the enterprise scale, industrial sectors, and transportation industry.

    These cells, range from the TT93 which is a 93 plate unit, through the TT310 which is a 310 plate unit.



    Custom Builds are available for any TT Series cell, so don't hesitate to inquire.


    TT Models Available Upon Request

    • TT93 93 Plates (31X3 Config) 9-18 LPM L8"XW12"XH8"

    • TT114 114 Plates (31X3 Config) 9-18 LPM L8"XW12"XH8"

    • TT124 124 Plates (2X62 Config) 16-20 LPM L12"XW9"XH8"

    • TT186  186 Plates (62X3 Config) 18-36 LPM - L12"XW12"XH8"

    • TT248 248 Plates (62X4 Config) 24-48 LPM - L12"XW18"XH7"

    • TT310 310 Plates (62X5 Config) 32-64 LPM - L12"XW24"XH7"

    These are massive cells for industrial level HHO Requirements, these cells are engineered to deliver large volumes of HHO on demand for any need from industrial metal shops to Maritime Shipping. These models require lead time of 2-3 weeks from ordering to being shipped. Each unit is custom built per order, due to the extensive material consumption during fabrication and assembly.


    *If the voltage of your equipment is not 12-14v DC, we are more than happy to configure any of these cells specifically for your voltage source.