Fuel Cell LLC Technology
There are multiple types of hydrogen producing fuel cells in the market today, which range from PEM, Alkaline, Reformation, etc.

We produce both Alkaline and HHO, which HHO is mainly used for the DIY markets and general usage.

HHO, commonly referred to as Brown's Gas as per Yull Brown is composed of oxyhydrogen, which is a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gases during the production process.

The process of producing hydrogen and oxygen is generally by using the commonly used electrolysis process, of applying positive and negative energy to metallic surfaces within a liquid, which the results bubbles are hydrogen and oxygen. However, the efficiency of producing these combustible fuels exceeds the cost benefits or power required to produce.

Fuel Cell LLC, has invested great resources and engineering on refining the efficiency of these processes, to greatly reduce the energy required to produce these gases, thus making it a much more viable source of fuel for combustible engines and power generation.

On average, the fuel cells that we develop use less then 50% of the energy requirement of others to produce equivalent combustible fuel from H2O. What this mean in real terms, is that we are capable of supplementing or replacing current fuel sources of any combustible engine or equivalent and replacing them with Oxyhydrogen, which the end results is quantifiable results in the range of 25-%50% fuel saving/reduction of any existing platform, without extensive modifications.

In most circumstances, any of these combustible engines or equivalent can be converted to operate solely on this technology, however we concentrate on the supplementation of existing platforms for today's real world scenario's.