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  • TT124 Truck Box HHO  Dry Cell
    enterprise / transportation industry


    Price as shown, complete $3,100
    (free shipping within the united states of america)

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    ***Requires 2 week lead time, to ship***

    TT124 HHO Dry Cell Only(No box, no hardware)

    Price: $575

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    The TT124 is simply the largest and highest production hydrogen (hho) on demand system there is, and is specifically designed for heavy operation within the enterprise level transportation industry and heavy equipment.

    Tuned, this unit is designed to to deliver a 25% + increase in fuel efficiency in all larger scale applications that are in the 700-900 Cubic Inch engine range 12-14L.

    *Note, unit can be reconfigured for stationary Hydrogen/Oxygen production for industrial applications using AC power sources.



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    Requires 2 week lead time for fabrication. If you wish to purchase more then one unit, each additional unit requires 2 additional days for assembly and leak testing.

    Additional hardware/modifying that needs done for use with any larger engine, ie tractor trailer, RV's etc

    • Alternator upgrade or second dedicated alternator. 200-300 amp output. (average freightliner, kw, peterbilt, mac  [cummins and detroit's] uses 105-150 amp alternators)

    What comes with this unit

    • Twin 3 qt tanks (6 qts reservoir capacity)
    • 1 water pump for continual long term operation
    • 1 124 Plate HHO Dry Cell ( 16-20 LPM Long Term Production)
    • All hardware to mount the unit to the side of the frame rails for a Rig, heavy 4 aug wiring rated for 300 amps current to wire to the Rig's electrical system. Positive to battery bank, negative to frame.
    • Heavy Relays for turning the unit on/off manually or automatically via the fuse panel of the truck (manual is recommended)
    • 2 100 Amp PWM's with a controller box to be mounted in the cab to control the input power to the cell, each with it's own potentiometer (dial) that can be mounted in the cab of the Rig, so the driver/operator can control the input power from 0-100 amps each.


    Some Example Uses of the TT Series

    • Tractor Trailers / Big Rigs
    • RV's
    • Buses
    • Excavators
    • Scrapers
    • Dozers
    • Dump Trucks
    • Concrete Trucks
    • Large Scale Power Generators
    • Large Scale Pumping Systems
    • Mining Operations
    • Drilling Operations
    • 40'-150' Maritime Vessels
    • Large scale manufacturing that requires cutting large volume of steel on a regular basis, including but not limited to steel slab greater than 18" thick

    The TT124 HHO Fuel Cell is developed for enterprise energy requirements within the transportation industry. Primarily designed for Tractor Trailers and other large transportation vehicle that consume large quantities of fuel, the TT124 has been developed to produce up to an average of 25% of those fuel requirements for the average 885cu in diesel engine, thus substantially lowering fleet fuel costs.


    The TT124 HHO Dry Cell, is a massive 124 plate unit, with 2 banks of 62 Plates each, assembled in a dual configuration. The TT124 comes as a complete unit, ready to mount into the frame of a Tractor Trailer and is available as Cell only for those who would like to use the cell for their own individual needs.


    Custom Builds are available for this cell, so don't hesitate to inquire.


    Power Requirements

    • 120 AMP 12/14 Volt DC: Maximum 10 LPM

    • 200 AMP 12/14 Volt DC: : Maximum 16-20 LPM

    Custom Builds: Customer Must Request to build. We will build the unit according to specific customer needs, ie unit placement of box. Vertical, horizontal, side mount, what type of box whether it be steel, aluminum, bright tread, black, white, chrome, blue, yellow, orange. You name it, we are more than happy to customize the unit for your needs.


    Other TT Models Available Upon Request

    • TT93 93 Plates (31X3 Config) 9-18 LPM L8"XW12"XH8"

    • TT114 114 Plates (31X3 Config) 9-18 LPM L8"XW12"XH8"

    • TT186  186 Plates (62X3 Config) 18-36 LPM - L12"XW12"XH8"

    • TT248 248 Plates (62X4 Config) 24-48 LPM - L12"XW18"XH7"

    • TT310 310 Plates (62X5 Config) 32-64 LPM - L12"XW24"XH7"

    These are massive cells for industrial level HHO Requirements, these cells are engineered to deliver large volumes of HHO on demand for any need from industrial metal shops to Maritime Shipping. These models require lead time of 2-3 weeks from ordering to being shipped. Each unit is custom built per order, due to the extensive material consumption during fabrication and assembly.


    *If the voltage of your equipment is not 12-14v DC, we are more than happy to configure any of these cells specifically for your voltage source.